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Mad, upset, disappointed, I feel used and abused. And I am just not ok right now…I can’t even get my feelings on paper because they are all over. But I feel pretty shitty and not because I am sick….

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If I don’t fix me I don’t know where I’ll end up. It has gotten that bad that I really need to be selfish for once and think about me.

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Right now somebody is cutting themselves. Right now somebody is going through the one event that will cause them to kill themselves. Right now somebody is ready to say goodbye to the world and everybody in it. You can read this at anytime and the statement will stay true. Maybe even one of these things is currently you. But nobody should go through depression so badly that they do the worst to their own body. Don’t let depression take you or anyone you love, it takes more than just yourself to overcome, so speak up, nobody wants to be alone.

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Suicide Isn’t cowardly, I’ll tell you what’s cowardly. Treating someone so badly they want to end their lives

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1324) Little pill, small and round. Sip of water, flush it down. Thirty minutes, warmth spreads. Skin soft, tingling head. Cares fade, anxiety goes. Sound pervades, lights aglow. Minutes, hours, lost in time. Rubbing, touching, everything’s fine. Mind expands, body floating. Heart unfolds, I am rolling.

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So I guess I will start…..

With that I was born on April 10th 1992. I am 19 and live in the middle of nowhere. I call it East Bum Fuck. (FYI I love to laugh, i love comedy’s so i try to be funny so I might throw in some funny things). I lived out in the country for my whole life. Last year when I started college I moved to Lancaster for only 8 months but I loved living on my own. I always remember myself being happy and bubbly and I would never smile for a picture when I was little. I would just make a face. I love having fun. I love being social. I love food, the color food, tv, movies, my boyfriend, the sunshine, summer, jet skiing, 4 wheeling, those are just some things I love. Some things I hate are, blood, scary movies, school, surgery, needles, the dark, sea food, heights, roller coasters, and those are just some. Now that You know just a little bit about me I am going to leave it like that for the night and I will continue this tomorrow.

One of my favorite places

One of my favorite places

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I decided….

To tell me story. To vent, to put on here what I like. To tell story from a different perspective. To not give away everything but for everyone to maybe get what I go through on a daily basis. I am not looking for sympathy. But maybe I can help someone or inspire someone. Well here goes nothing.

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